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The Practical Freedomista: Basics of Resistance

What Is This Book About?


Why Resist?

Your rights are disappearing. Even the right to survive, to live your life as you see fit, is under attack by those who want to see everything you do, say, buy, and think–so they can control you.

You have two choices. You can go along with their agenda for your life while complaining about it online or from the comfort of your recliner, or you can get to work ruining their plans. This book will show you how to get started.

Getting Started

The most important tool for effective resistance isn’t one you have to buy. You don’t have to take classes to learn how to use it. No authoritarian thug can take it away from you. We’ll show you how to use it.

On the Shoulders of Giants

You’re not the first person to want to stand up. We’ll show you some of the most successful resisters–and why they were so successful.

Be Careful Out There

If you choose to oppose the approved narrative, whether online or in the real world, there are measures you need to take to protect yourself. Government surveillance or reprisals against those it deems political dissidents are not  science fiction or conspiracy theory; they’re everyday news. We will show you how to avoid those pitfalls.

Individual and Group Resistance

Need some ideas on what to do? We’ll get you started with some light and easy work–and take you into the murkier waters of more hardcore resistance, whether you’re by yourself or working with a group. You’ll even find a walkthrough for planning your own resistance action.

Groups, Allies, and Associates

If you don’t have a group or are looking to create one, we’ll talk about how to find or make an effective one. We explain the cell of three concept, communication, and how to build and maintain networks of allies and associates while protecting yourself from the wrong kind of attention.


What Are Readers Saying?

Wendy McElroy


Run, do not walk, to buy it.

James Wesley, Rawles

Author, Founder of

 I predict that this book will be in Amazon’s Top 20, even before its release day. Get a copy! Better yet, also order an extra paperback so that you’ll have one to lend out.

David Gross


If you think you’re ready to really #resist, you might want to hit the books first...If you’re interested in upping the ante of your activism, this book will help you consider how to lay the groundwork for taking that next step.

Check out David's site.

Randy Bartlett

Distributed Security Inc.

A book like this is long overdue.
It is only a primer: Do your homework on the details.  You have been informed of "Cover for status" and "Cover for action", for example.  Dig more deeply, even if you think you understand something in here.  Especially if you think you understand something in here....
Buy hard copies of everything in the bibliography.  Look up "The Resister, The Political Warfare Journal of the Special Forces Underground" if only to understand how we arrived at the need for this.  Again.
Take heart. Good always defeats evil.  The only way out is through it: See you on the other side, in this world or the next.


You’ll Learn the Basics of:

What Resistance Is

What does it mean to resist? Why should we do it? What is it? What ISN’T it?

Basic Skills You Need

There are five basic skills every resister needs. Do you have them? You might be surprised to know that if you don’t, you can learn them. You’re not born with these skills–but you better have them before you get going on your resistance work.

Making or Finding a Group

While many people just jump on social media to look for a group, that’s a good way to go to jail. It’s important that you do this part right; it can mean the difference between getting away with an act of resistance or spending years in a prison cell, forgotten by your “friends” and ignored by the public.

Who's Done It?

Throughout history, there is a long list of people who have stood up to tyranny or evil. Some of them were made famous because of their actions; others took their exploits to their graves, content to know that they made a difference. Some of them died for their cause; others went on to live perfectly normal and quiet lives, with no one having a clue about their secret life.

Individual Resistance

You’re on your own, you don’t have (or trust) a group, and you want to act. What can you do? Quite a bit, it turns out. We’ll offer some ideas on what you can get going on.

Creating and Maintaining Networks

You’ll need allies and associates, who will be your eyes, ears. and possibly your supply network and more. It’s important to know how to find them, and how to use them.

How Not to Get Caught

Resistance isn’t as simple as organizing a rally; in fact, that’s not really the kind of work we’re talking about. True resistance can be incredibly dangerous. You’ll learn some basic tradecraft and other skills to help you navigate.

Group Resistance

You have a group but what now? There are plenty of ideas for action you and your group to get involved in. We’ll start slow and take you into the more difficult stuff.

Operation Planning

You’ve got an idea and you’re ready to go do it…or are you? Learn how to effectively plan, prepare, and execute all those great ideas.


Read Some Excerpts

Watch your mouth (and everyone else’s)

In any resistance effort, humans play an interesting role. They are both the most necessary part and the weakest link. Without public support a resistance will ultimately fail; yet one running mouth in the wrong place can bring it all down and even get people arrested or killed.

It’s easy to say, “I don’t tell nobody nuthin’.” But the truth is, there needs to be a balance between security and operability. That means you need an OPSEC (operational security) plan – and that doesn’t mean putting up pics of your latest training exercise on social media while telling commenters the location is classified.

Compartmentalization 101

You are not you when you are being an activist. You might be John Jones in your real life, but when you’re an activist, sending messages and meeting contacts and doing other things, you are someone else.

Let’s say you’ve chosen Walter (or Willa) Roberts as your new name. You might own a pickup truck, but that’s yours. Walter doesn’t own that, so you can’t use it when you’re being Walter. Your phone is yours; Willa doesn’t own it, so when you’re doing activist things, you can’t use it. It sounds strange, but it’s the simplest way to keep things straight and properly compartmentalized.

As tyranny advances, freedom needs more resisters on its side. Effective resisters. Resisters who know how to make an impact while keeping themselves safe in a world of danger. Resisters who won’t just metaphorically “gun and run,” but who are in it for the long term. Adaptable resisters. Resisters who can shift tactics as circumstances change. Resisters who plan carefully, but who can improvise when things go wrong or new opportunities present themselves.

Above all, freedom needs resisters who are committed to it, heart and soul. Preferably for a lifetime.

Because without defiance, tyranny will roll right over the polite, the lazy, the ineffective – and finally even the best of us.

The Gray Man –- in this case, a woman

Anne Sofie Østved was a 20-year-old chemistry student when German forces invaded Norway in 1940. Unhesitatingly, she plunged into resistance work. First, she wrote, edited, and distributed an illegal anti-Nazi newspaper, then later joined more hardcore resisters. All the while she tried to continue her education – and managed to do so for two more years.

While it was common in resistance movements for a woman to be a writer, courier, spy, supporter, or even an armed fighter, Østvedt rose through the ranks of the resistance group XU to become its second-in-command. That meant that she served as the representative of XU’s leader in contacts with other underground organizations. At times when the leader was away she served as commander over 3,000 men.

This was an era when not many men would have been willing to be led by a woman. But few of them knew there were being led by a woman – because XU practiced great secrecy and used the type of highly compartmentalized organizational structure we’ll describe later in this book.

The Authors

Claire Wolfe

Claire hit the hemi-demi-semi-quasi-pseudo big time in late 1996 with her book 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution. That was followed by a number of other books including the young adult novel Rebelfire: Out of the Gray Zone (co-authored with the late Aaron Zelman) and the successor to 101 Things, The Freedom Outlaws Handbook.

She is also one of several co-founders of the hardcore gun-rights group The Zelman Partisans.

Claire is a free-market anarchist hermit who lives in the rural Pacific NorthWET with her dog Ava and the enduring spirits of dogs past, especially Jasmine and Robbie. Not to mention one seriously outnumbered cat. When not writing, walking in the woods, or being an idle layabout, she curses and tears her hair out over a house she bought for $10,000 and will spend the rest of her life fixing up (with more than a little help from her friends).


Claire’s Cabal – A forum for serious freedom-lovers and thinkers.

Living Freedom Blog – Claire’s daily musings.


Patrick Henry Society – Kit’s articles on critical thinking, activism, the surveillance state, and intelligence topics.

Order of the White Rose – A group dedicated to educating activists and resistance workers.


Kit Perez

Kit is an intelligence and deception analyst, and co-founder of the Order of the White Rose, a group that exists on the dark web and seeks to teach others the things outlined in this book, among other skills.

She holds an MA in Intelligence Studies, an Honors BA in Counterintelligence, and is a certified Statement Analyst, which she uses in her ‘day job’ as a contract analyst.

Kit lives in the mountains of Western Montana with her husband, chickens, goats, and dogs.

It’s time to do more than complain.


You can stand up to tyranny. Learn the basics now.

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