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This is reprinted from my personal blog. Enjoy the meme at the end. — Claire


Good news for everybody awaiting the paperback of Basics of Resistance.

Bad news for me, because after Kit uploaded the Kindle version, I was looking forward to a few days off before progressing to the paperback (which requires different formatting and several more rounds of checking and correcting). Kit made me WERK! instead.

She took us down to the wire. The paperback version should be ready for uploading after one more round. We don’t yet have a price or an exact release date, but you can expect it about the same time as the ebook.

More good news: Although this is a print-on-demand book, Kit and I will be able to order authors’ copies — which means that once we’re launched and have some time to rest up, we will be able to place bulk orders for resale. So you guys who sell at gun shows and such should be able to get them.

The book is still holding its own as Amazon’s #1 bestseller in the Civil Rights & Liberties category (Kindle), #2 in that category (among books in general), and #3 in Espionage and Intelligence (Kindle). That’s pretty amazing, considering that those stats are updated every hour and can be ephemeral. That still probably represents only a few hundred copies, but it sure looks good on the Amazon page. 🙂

More news as we receive it.

Meanwhile, have a meme, courtesy of Sotted_Owl and the Claire’s Cabal meme contest: