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We’ve had a change of plans!

Tomorrow — Wednesday, April 4 — you can place your order for the paperback of Basics of Resistance. Not your pre-order. Your actual order.

We’ve been absolutely thrilled by your response to the book. We know a lot of you are awaiting the paperback. Because it’s print-on-demand it’ll probably take a bit longer than a standard Amazon order (how much longer we don’t yet know) and we wanted to make sure paperback loyalists got their copies in a timely manner.

The Kindle version will still release April 19, with $0.99 pre-orders continuing until then. Because it costs more and takes longer to put a quality trade paperback on a bookshelf, we thought it was fair to let paperback orders go ahead. Very likely, you’ll all be getting your books around the same time.

Thank you for your amazing response to this project. And don’t forget to purchase your copy of Basics of Resistance¬†in Kindle or paperback. You can order either format here.