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We awoke this morning to find that James Wesley, Rawles, founder of Survivalblog and author of a long list of highly popular books, had recommended Basics of Resistance to his readers.

The much-awaited new book by Claire Wolfe and Kit Perez titled Basics of Resistance will be released (appropriately) on April 19th. As of April 4th, 2018, the print-on-demand paperback edition is now available for ordering on There will also be a Kindle book, now available at a special pre-order price of just 99 cents. The Kindle release day will be April 19th. I predict that this book will be in Amazon’s Top 20, even before its release day. Get a copy! Better yet, also order an extra paperback so that you’ll have one to lend out.

If Survivalblog isn’t on your daily read list, it should be. It’s chock full of information on just about everything you could need to know on preparedness, survival, and getting out of the system.

Thanks for the kind words, JWR!


Pre-order the Kindle version here.

The paper back is available now here