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One of our readers took a road trip last weekend. Inspired by Basics of Resistance, he decided to perform a small, harmless act of Freedom Outlawry. Here is his after-action report.


By Anonymous Freedom Outlaw

Purpose: Place little leaflets around a large outdoor sports retail store to spread the word about

Active personnel: Me. Was in the company of others who acted as unwitting cover.

First, I made the little notes. Thirty could fit on one regular sheet of paper, 3 columns of 10. Cut them out. Made a disorderly pile as shown before putting them in my jacket pocket. It is easier to take them surreptitiously out of a pocket if they are not in a neat little bundle.

“Leaflets ready to go.”

We hopped into the Freedom Outlaw on/off-road transport vehicle and made a road trip to a large outdoor sports retailer. Think Cabela’s, or Bass Pro Shops, or LL Bean, or Kittery Trading Post, or Dick’s – no, not Dick’s, I can’t stand Dicks. Too many Dicks around as it is, I don’t need to go visit them.

As soon as we entered the store, I knew I was in the right place:

“This is the home of my people.”

After drinking a couple of cups of coffee at breakfast, and another on the trip, the first stop was the men’s room. Left a couple on top the porcelain:

“Rest room reading material”

Left a few more on the paper towel dispenser.

Began spreading the message throughout the store. Among the BBQ sauce:

“Mm mm good!”

Onward to the fishing supplies, where some were placed on the shelves, and in with the flies:

“Might catch someone’s interest.”

Then, on to the shooting supplies department. Placed some throughout the area, among reloading gear, cleaning supplies, and of course, ammo:

“It’s worth a shot.”

Of course, there is a huge selection of clothing. Jackets, pants, etc., all needing something for their empty pockets:

“They ain’t cargo pants if they’re empty.”

The windowsills needed something to dress them up a bit:

“It was a nice view.”

My work is just about done. The novelty T-shirts were a perfect spot for a couple more:

“Words to live by.”

Also planted a few in other areas throughout the store — boating department, pet department, camping department, etc.

Of course, had to hit the men’s room again before hitting the road. The slips that were left earlier were gone, so they were replaced.

On the way home, stopped to get a bite. Went to the men’s room there to wash my hands. The few remaining slips were left on the soap dispenser.

Total distribution: 60 slips.

Did my best to practice good tradecraft, by being mindful of and noting the locations of the numerous security cameras without looking directly at them. Removed slips from pocket in a smooth motion to the shelf, while reaching for something. At no time was I approached by any store personnel, and so far, no gov’t agency people have knocked on the door.

Mission accomplished.