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Tips, tricks, and excerpts from the book that you can use in your own resistance efforts–plus news on upcoming things from the authors.

Kit on critical information analysis

Over at the new blog American Partisan, Kit Perez (co-author of Basics of Resistance) has been posting about critical information analysis. This is a subject we touched on in the book: how to determine what resistance information you hold is critical, what the likely...

How NOT to Be a Whistleblower

Being a whistleblower is all the rage now. To paraphrase the old saying, "Leak it if you've got it." Some who reveal secret documents might be attention-seekers craving validation; others are genuinely waking to the realization that we have a serious surveillance...

Excerpt: Associates

In today‚Äôs excerpt from our new book Basics of Resistance, we look into Chapter 9: Allies and Associates. By this point, we’ve talked extensively about your core group, its members, and its operations. Now we look at outsiders who may help or hinder you. We pick up after the discussion of close allies and move on to more casual contacts. NOTE: We owe this chapter to a great supporter of our project who prefers to keep a low profile.

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