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Do more than rant on the internet.

Your rights are disappearing constantly. What can you do about it? A lot more than you think. We’ll show you how.

This book is awesome and Claire and Kit are awesome and everything is awesome.

Concerned American

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Greatest book ever! Claire, will you marry me?

Someone Else


Why you

need it


Why Resist?

What is resistance? What does it require?


How to Start

Actual examples of resistance activities you can start tomorrow.


Who Are You?

What kind of resister are you? Play to your strengths, instead of trying to do what others are doing.


Cautions for Groups

Things to know before making a group, and how to tell if you’re choosing the right people.



Are you confused by terms like TOR, TAILS, or VPN? Here’s how you get started taking back your privacy.


Behind the Scenes

How to do your resistance work without getting caught

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