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If you've ever wanted to rebel against tyranny, here's where you start.

What is a Practical Freedomista?

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Why Write a Book?

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Who Is This For?

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What’s This Book About?

InĀ The Practical Freedomista, Book I, you’ll learn about what resistance is and why it matters. You’ll also look at historical resisters, and how they pulled off some amazing feats of resistance.

The authors also offer some solid how-to ideas for getting started resisting tyranny right where you are, and what you’ll need to consider if you ever want to take it to the next level. In this book, you’ll find all of the following and more:

  • How to choose people for your group
  • How NOT to start a group
  • What to look for within yourself
  • How to plan activities properly
  • Resources for learning much more

What you won’t find in this book:

  • Recommendations on gear or firearms
  • How to create or run a “militia” unit
  • How to make the biggest and best rally
  • How to make secret social media accounts

If you’re positive that you’re not happy with the current state of government interference and intrusion into your life, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do, you’re the person this book was written for.

Other Resisters

The idea of standing against tyranny is a long-venerated one. We are hardly the first to suggest it, and many have lived it under far more dangerous conditions. We seek to not only honor their work, but introduce a whole new generation to their grit, the tactics they used, and above all their willingness to stand and say “no.”

Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake was a member of the French Resistance in World War II. Known as the “White Mouse” to the German Gestapo, she was a pivotal worker in the Allied Escape Route Organisation in Occupied France and a secret agent who accomplished amazing things.

Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl was a college student–and one of the founding members of the White Rose, a non-violent resistance organization against Nazi Germany. Together with her brother and several friends, Sophie authored and distributed pamphlets on freedom, responsibility, and liberty in the hopes of awakening her countrymen. She was arrested and executed at the age of 23.

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