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Are you tired of surveillance and tyranny? Want to do something about it? This book will show you how. Basics of Resistance is the first volume of The Practical Freedomista series, and is designed for anyone who loves individual freedom enough to take individual action to save or restore it.


We live in a day when free speech, gun rights, and other fundamentals of liberty are under attack. Government power grows no matter who’s in charge. “Diversity” means we can all look different but must think precisely alike—or else. The economy hangs by a thread. The principles that have maintained individual liberty are being forgotten or trampled. The time we live in is a time when freedom needs people who will defend it with their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors.”

We call these people freedomistas. A more traditional term might be freedom fighters, but that expression has been woefully misused, often by people who cry freedom as an excuse for imposing authority and terror. A freedomista doesn’t just want to impose some theoretical concept on others; he or she wants to live free and act for freedom. Personally. Practical freedomistas want to do it well, having thought out their plans and taken intelligent actions.

Some actions might require the level of sacrifice from us implied by “lives, fortunes … and sacred honors.” There are other equally important actions with far less personal cost.

Freedom needs fighters. But it also needs people who are able to perpetrate a damn good joke at a tyrant’s expense, then slink away into the night. It needs tricksters who are willing to throw a monkeywrench into the system. It needs communicators who use unconventional techniques to change hearts and minds. It needs Robin Hoods who remind ordinary folks that someone clever and daring is on their side.

Freedom needs dedicated people who can see past instant gratification or personal validation in favor of making a difference that could echo for generations. The activities those dedicated souls pursue are boundless and varied. All come under the heading of resistance.

This book is for you if you’ve realized that polite political action is not enough. You want to do more. You want to be more than just somebody who grouses about the present and hopes for change.

This book is for you if you want to learn to resist and strike back against authority—but to do so with cleverness, not aggressive violence. Basics of Resistance will give you ideas on how to resist. There are many ways.

It will teach you to guard your own security as you confront tyrants, large and small. It will help you form a resistance group or conduct a “one-person revolution.” It will tell you about allies, associates, supporters, and core members (and the differences between them). It will give you a few ideas to try and a sample blueprint for carrying out a resistance action. It will regale you with stories about giants of resistance, past and present. It will help you learn from others’ mistakes, so you can avoid making your own. It will, we hope, inspire you to act—and act wisely.

This book is not for you if you want to “blow stuff up.” It is not for you if you want to conduct paramilitary exercises with “tacticool operators operating operationally” then crow about them on social media. It is not for you if you crave public attention as a commando or want to amass legions of fawning followers. It is not for you if you merely want to carry out a personal grudge against someone in officialdom who has done you wrong. It is not for you if you think a noisy street demonstration that gets a few minutes of media attention is the epitome of action.

It is very much for you if you want to be a genuine freedomista—and one who is effective, safe, and active long enough to get the real job of liberty done.

Basics of Resistance is just that: basic. It will not teach you everything you’ll ever need. There are some advanced forms of freedom fighting that are, frankly, too dangerous to talk about in a time when people are getting arrested for mere opinions. There are others that are simply beyond the scope of this book. But by the time you’ve reached the last page and perhaps delved into our extensive resource section, you’ll know where you need to begin and how to get where you want to go.

This book is for you if you’re both a freedom fighter and a freedom thinker who can quietly lead the way or go your own way in the cause of individual liberty.

Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I is available for pre-order from Amazon on April 1st.